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Risk Insurance

Insurance fund
is 30million dollars.
Investment risks insurance is the company's voluntary step for open and trusting relationships with its clients.
We develop the best traditions of conducting business, including maximum mutual acceptance, dignity and the absence of unfair benefits and preferences.
Now, the approved level of the free capitalization of VixoBit Limited is 45 million dollars. Of this amount, the company can allocate 30 million dollars to repay insurance claims at any moment and this is the insurance fund of VixoBit Limited. In addition, VixoBit Limited approves this capitalization: this amount of capitalization has been verified successfully when checking the company's payment capacity. The checking was carried out by the insurance company AvivaInsuranceServices UK Limited for which all necessary information about financial status and the level of free capitalization of VixoBit Limited was provided.

Thus, the insurance fund of VixoBit Limited was checked and verified by the insurance company AvivaInsuranceServices UK Limited which is the guarantor of insurance contractand payment in the case of insurance claims.
Because of that, the investment insurance from VixoBit Limited could be available for any client of the company and it is not only the additional degree of freedom. It is the guarantee of success of your investments, the democracy of the investment process, safety and preservation of the invested amount.

Because the management process of the capitalization of the company is connected with the process of investment placing, the financial analysts of VixoBit Limited always ensure that there is a reasonable balance between investments and money, which could be considered as the level of the capitalization of the company in the light of freely current assets. Thus, we always monitor that the capitalization of the company will be at the approved level of free funds which are capable to increase the investment presence of the company at any time in any sectors of created invest-projects and contracts. The free funds can be used as a stabilization fund in case of closing of VixoBit Limited obligations in connection with possibility of loss occurrence.
AvivaInsuranceServices UK Limited is the international insurance operator and recognized representative of the investment business. This company has great experience in contracts of this type.

The fact that VixoBit Limited is the client of AvivaInsuranceServices UK Limited says that VixoBit Limitedhas the high level of trust among potential investors from all over the world and the business with VixoBit Limited is safe, profitable and reliable.