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Partners Program

The company management is interested in development of the institution of company Representatives in order to bring the knowledge and business philosophy of VixoBit Limited to the most remote areas of the Earth. The company wants to provide the people in as many countries as possible with products and services from VixoBit Limited.

However, VixoBit Limited makes every reasonable effort to ensure that products and services that are received by our clients anywhere in the world have the same quality and are as authentic as in UK. This is the vision of the Institute of Representatives from VixoBit Limited.

The VixoBit Limited philosophy of the partnership implies equality of opportunity for all its clients without exception. You have absolutely equal rights and responsibilities as an investor who received the high status of VixoBit Limited Representative whatever country you are from. We will apply all reasonable efforts to make you associate your development and strengthening of prosperity with VixoBit Limited.

At the same time, every investor should understand that the Representative is not only honorable and profitable status. It imposes certain duties. In particular, the Representative should contribute in every way to the development and strengthening of the worldview of the company and its business. The Representative should personify all the best that we appreciate and offer to our clients: respect, love, equality and the ability to come to the aid at any time.
Create a deposit

You should have your own active investment in VixoBit Limited, because it is essential condition for obtaining the status of Representative of our company. If you want to obtain the status of a Representative of the company and automatically open your own partner structure at 3 levels in depth - we recommend you to create an active investment in our company.
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After you have created an active investment, you have the opportunity to obtain the status of a Representative. To obtain the status of Representative, send the corresponding application for this status. Management of VixoBit Limited will review the application and give you the status of Representative.
Status benefits

Unlike any ordinary user (who does not have own investments), the Representative gets much greater opportunities for additional active earnings from partner investments. The main thing is in the fact that the Representative is given the opportunity to form his own partner structure at three levels in depth, while an ordinary user can receive partner bonuses only from one level. Thus, the Partner's remuneration of the Representative significantly increases in the nominal value provided by the active formation of the partners structure.
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